Thursday, August 30, 2007

Electric Water Pageant Title, Jounal Box/Tag and Deco Squares

This set is my favorite from the Shows/Parade Swap. It is for the Electric Water Pageant that travels the waters of the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake at Walt Disney World. One of my favorite memories from our trip to WDW was sitting on a swing on the beach at the Poly with Roger. It was 30 degrees that night but we had such a great time snuggling together and watching the Electric Water Pageant pass by and then watching the "Wishes" fireworks in the distance. It was incredibly peaceful, yet so special!

The Electric Water Pageant was the pre-cursor for the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland. It features several barges with 1,000s of lights showing King Triton and his servants from the deep. The seahorses pull his carriage, the dolphins frolic along in his wake and the octopus travels as part of his entourage.

All paper is Bazzill. The title is cut from Alphalicious, the seahorses from Doodlecharms and the octopus and waves from ZooBalloo. The dolphin was hand-cut.

Block Party Bash Title and Slide Mounts

The Block Party Bash at Disney's California Adventure is super high energy and tons of fun! It features all of the Pixar characters in floats made of piles of blocks. Using the blocks as inspiration, I created the title from blocks that match the colors of Buzz Lightyear. The slide frame is decorated with a traffic cone like the ones on the float.

All the paper is Bazzill. The blocks were cut using the Mini Monograms cart.

The Bootstrappers Title, Mounted Quote and Deco Squares

"The Bootstrappers" is a funny act that was playing on the streets of New Orleans Square the last time we were at Disneyland. They have since moved over to the Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. The premise of the act is that the pirates are cursed to sing "Yo ho" every time a bell rings. Many jokes follow along with some lively pirate shantys. It's a cute show!

All paper is Bazzill cardstock. Ink is VersaColor Pinecone and stickers are SandyLion epoxy pirate pack.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Title, Journal Box/Tag and Mini File Folder

Roger LOVES the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney MGM Studios at Walt Disney World. He took several photos of the show when we went to WDW the last time so I thought this would be a good subject for my MGM Show group. I downloaded the logo online and printed directly on Bazzill cardstock. The spears, journal box, snake and file folder are also Bazzill. The snake was cut with the Animal Kingdom cart. Roger picked out the brown vine ribbon for the journaling tag.

"Zoo" Tags

Another group was for "Zoo" tags. All pieces had to say "Zoo" on them. I like the way these turned out. Cardstock is Bazzill and the animal faces and "What a Zoo" phrase were cut from Karen Foster patterned paper. The "zoo" phrase was cut with the Animal Kingdom cart.

"Jungle" Tags

One of the groups was for "Biomes" and I chose jungle. I like the way the layered vines came together and I LOVE the layering with the "It's a Jungle" phrase. Cardstock is Bazzill. The vines are actually the branch cut from the ZooBalloo Cricut cart and the phrase came from Animal Kingdom.

Tiger Tags

I love my cute little tiger! He's made from Bazzill and is layered on BoBunny patterned paper. The word and tiger are also from Animal Kingdom.

Monkey Tags

I'm really happy with the way these monkey tags turned out. Cardstock is Bazzill and the monkey was made using my Animal Kingdom Cricut cartridge. I've no idea who made the patterned paper but I love how whimsical it looks behind the monkey. These are Roger's favorite since he just LOVES monkeys!

Giraffe Tags

These are tags for one of my Zoo Tag groups. Cardstock is Bazzill (is there any other kind), patterned paper is BoBunny and the giraffe is made using my Animal Kingdom Cricut cartridge.

The Swap Obsession

As much as I enjoy scrapping, I think I spend more time swapping than actually creating pages. I've just finished a couple of swaps on the DIS Board Swap Board. One is a Zoo Tag Swap and the other is a Shows/Parades Swap for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. I'm really happy with the results and hope that my swap buddies are also!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All About Me

So, considering this is my blog, I guess I should probably include some info about me. My name is Shauna, I'm 30, married, no kids, and have 2 kitties. My husband's name is Roger and we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this October.

I was born and grew up in Texas. I moved to California in 1999 to be with Roger and have been here ever since. Roger and I do lots of volunteer work, mostly with Girl Scouts. I have a troop of Juniors that I lead and he is our Outdoor Specialist.

In my free time, I scrap, swap, read and try to knit. Notice all of my hobbies are expensive? This is only a problem because Roger has no hobbies and spends no money on his "fun stuff". He reads books from the library, rents video games and goofs around on the Internet. He pretty much says I spend enough on my hobbies for the both of us.

We are both HUGE football fans. I'm a total Dallas Cowboys girl and have been my whole life. Roger grew up in Chicago so the Bears are his favorite team. We both love football so much though that we'll pretty much watch any game that is on. Our perfect Sunday activity is watching as many football games as possible.

I am a total, obsessed Disney fan and he goes along with me in that obsession. I would live in Disneyland if I could. My favorite ride is "It's a Small World". It just makes me so happy when I'm on it or anywhere on Disney property for that matter. We go as often as we can and I'm trying to convince Roger to get annual passes.

Most of my swapping has been Disney related although I am trying to branch out. So far, I've not scrapped any of my Disney trips but I'm starting that now. I'll be sure to post some of my creations soon.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So about this blogging thing . . .

So I finally bit the bullet, jumped on the band wagon and committed about 10 other cliches by sitting down and creating a blog. I've always thought it was a little pretentious to assume that anyone would find my ramblings interesting enough to read so I never bothered with the whole "blog thing". Yes, I enjoy reading other's blogs but just never felt I had enough to say. I still don't so everyone who comes here will probably be bored. And if you are, that's just too bad, 'cause this blog's for me so you don't have to like it. I'm sorry . . . did that sound snippy? Well did you READ the title?